My name is Chris, father of two daughters. Over the years, I figured out how more convenient is to have an off-site birthday party. No mess to clean-up after, party attendant to take care of almost everything, fun guaranteed, and very affordable prices, for groups of 10 kids or larger…

There are so many places and attractions most people don’t know about, that we decided to create this site and help them find in few minutes only the best possible deal. It is indeed “we decided”, and this is “about us” (not “about me”), because without my daughters, without their passion, validation and “expertise”, I’d not be able to provide half of the information we have.

Unlike most other birthday-related sites, on Birthday-Party-Locations we do our best to offer you the ideal shortcut between the WHAT you want to do on your birthday and WHERE to go. We collect and present tens of thousands of addresses where birthday parties are organized on a regular basis. There is no entry fee for such FREE advertising, so chances are one year from now our database will double or triple in size. We do not wait for party advertisers to find us. Instead, we look at all possible places to find them and add them to our directory. The huge advantage for you? Birthday-Party-Locations should become your “yellow pages” directory for all your possible birthday destinations. Why looking elsewhere when we work so hard to gradually collect ALL possible places in North America (US and Canada) where birthday parties are organized?

Over the years, my daughters invited their friends and have been invited at so many birthday parties that, as a parent, you become somehow an expert on birthday party themes. All should start for you by choosing your American state or Canadian province from one of our Locations maps. You get an extensive list of what we call party locations, which usually are associations between a physical address and a type of attraction. For each attraction we wrote a detailed article describing the party theme. If you were not familiar with that theme, chances are our article will tell you everything about: what are the options, how much it costs, how safe is for your kids… We end with a checklist to help you get the best possible deal and forget nothing. We show you a list of related themes and we even shortly describe the rules of the games, if that’s about paintball, bowling, laser tag or other game-based themes you might not have the time to look everywhere on the net to find more about.

It’s also about finding every year a different kind of attraction, in a different place. First years parents usually look for something not so expensive, with Playgrounds and Games, at places such as McDonald’s or Chuck E. Cheese’s, or Zoo Parties with live animals, but when kids grow up they expect more and different. They want Music and Dance, and girls move into teenage years with so-called Salon or Glamour Birthday Parties. Boys will certainly enjoy Paintball or Laser Tag games, Motor Sports (Go Karts) or Martial Arts.

Fun is always guaranteed, but you’ll certainly know to appreciate the educative and creative value of themes such as Science Birthday Parties at a Museum, Arts and Crafts or Cooking, where everybody will also learn something. If toddlers have fun in Playgrounds, 10-years old will much more enjoy Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts or Sports. In so many places and for so many themes, you also get a free lesson with the celebration, a lesson for which you do not have to pay separately and most other parents (not just the kids) will certainly appreciate.

And lets not forget the so many entertainers (clowns, magicians, musicians, storytellers) who provide regional services for affordable prices. You can either create a party with just them, or combine your main attraction with their services. Bring a Zoo at home, have a pony ride, rent an inflatable bouncer or mobile Climbing Wall and install it in your backyard, and you will have one of the best parties ever!

You don’t know where to find all these, where to look at? Relax, till yesterday I had the same problem as you, spending hours on the Internet and missing most of the possible opportunities in my area. Take a look now at our listings and check each place for the address and the type of attraction. Go directly to external birthday party pages and, in few minutes only, you may be already prepared to book a party online!

And there is more, so much more! You will find nowhere else lists with TV and Radio broadcasters, to wish your child a happy birthday live! You will find nowhere else regional lists with hundreds of restaurants and merchants that offer FREE stuff on your birthday! We do not only collect all this, but we maintain and update this huge database on a daily basis! Subscribe to our newsletter or RSS Feed for your state, to stay in touch with latest additions! Our theme articles are also updated on a constant bases, with new information, photos and birthday package price details.

And don’t forget to visit us again! Don’t wait until your next birthday! You’ll be amazed at how much new stuff we’ll add during the next few months only! All this for the million of people (in average) that every day celebrate a birthday party somewhere in North America, and certainly deserve the best for this special day.